iBolt Commercial Electric Fencing

iBolt fencing has 15 years experience in the electric fence field, specializing in the supply and installation of products locally and nationally. We are also agents for the world renown Australian made and certified JVA brand of energizers.

At iBOLT we can offer you all the necessary products, equipment, service and advice that you require for the installation of your security fence.

Our Range Of Electric Fencing

Please note that we cover an extensive range of components not included in our product information booklet to feel free to contact us for more information.

How it works:

The energizer is the brain of the electric fence. When an intruder touches or cuts the wires, the energizer will send a high voltage electrical shock and activate the siren and strobe light indicating a breach to the system.

iBolts range of Australian designed and built JVA Energizers are paired to your property's security requirements. From a single-zoned fence, to large business or industrial parks capable of multiple zones for easy trouble shooting and maintenance.

Electric Fence Hire

iBolt Electric Fencing Hire is an Electronic Security Systems company with a difference. We fund the systems, we install ourselves and then manage and maintain them using our expertise. No bank financing is involved.